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more on driverless cars

Driverless car fans- which some poor fools actually think will happen (as opposed to 'aided driving' which is a whole different thing and still needs a driver)- should take note of what the people who are developing them actually say in 2019:

The most prominent voice was that of John Krafcik, CEO of Waymo, whose driverless taxi service still has a human driver in the front seat. He said that we are probably “decades” away from fully self-driving cars being common on roads, and even then, they will need a driver behind the wheel in poor weather, as sensors may not work properly in rain and snow.

Fantasies about robots and AI are stoked to raise funding. Successful technologies don't need so much hoohah because they actually work. Currently we live in an era in which people find it hard to judge real from bogus technological claims. Sometimes this is because the technology is complex but usually it is because they do not pick apart claims. They want to be fooled. Somewhat similar to people living under a witchdoctor...


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