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Day TWO of my three day fast


Woke about 4.30am. drank some water. Weighed myself- an incredible 3kg weight loss- must be mainly water loss. My eyes feel dehydrated, as if with a hangover. One is red- probably all the toxins I’m liberating by not eating. But usual aches and pains- slight allergic wheeziness and stiff shoulder have gone. That is incentive enough to keep going. Back in bed I stay there until 9am. After a bracing lap sang tea I go out and chop some wood. I don’t try too hard, and what I find is that I end up using the axe properly- letting it’s weight do the work instead of my arms. I take a goodly break looking out at the view but I am not really tired…just slow. I must be running off my own fat supplies – good for a slow burn but nothing too extreme is remotely possible.

But I do spend most of the day sitting around a lot. I manage to fiddle with a website I’m helping to build. Still get waves of low level headacheyness. My eye is no longer bloodshot by the evening. Turn off a film and read a novel, but my eyes are soon tired. I have my soup which is just a teaspoon of bouillon powder in a cup. I add a small chopped up garlic. Bad idea- I’m soon burping and I can feel a small windsection of weird stuff going on in my insides. I’m sick of mint tea by now. Lemon and ginger is OK and so is lap sang.

I really hope I hit the much advertised breakthrough tomorrow as this is a medium unpleasant experience- but, strangely, one I am not regretting one bit. It’s like being on a trip, a strange and interesting journey.


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