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Day THREE of my three day fast

4kg weight loss since the beginning. Feel fairly terrible this morning. Worse than yesterday if anything. But walking into town I feel I could keep going forever- walking I mean, not fasting. Fasting helps stimulate brain neuron growth- and so does walking- both are needed for ancient man to find more food when he is hungry. I try several shops for an incredibly expensive printer cartridge. No one has it in stock. I find dealing with people very easy, just as I do when I’m on a mission of some sort, or ill; everyday life, downtime so to speak, doesn’t suit me as well. I go round to see a pal and drink a lap sang tea and a fruit tea. That and the conversation seems to change my head- the dull ache has gone. More walking on air back, really I feel I could keep going forever as long as there are no hills…In the evening I sip a thin soup made from half a teaspoonful of bouillon powder- I’m allowing myself one of these a day plus a couple of lap sang teas and numerous fruit teas. Thin soup…heaven! No hallucinations to report but coming out the front door this morning it seemed very bright; everything looked heavily delineated, separate from its background and I greedily took in all sights, revelling in being out here, looking, noticing.

Last day- only one more night to get through. Who could have thought you could have such an adventure and save money too!


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