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who benefits from complexity?

In modern urban culture finance and the law become increasingly complex. The way to make money in both these areas is to find loopholes in the regulations. Those with a better tolerance of complexity will succeed. They will regard increasing complexity as a benefit as it sorts out the players from the amateurs. By business-evolutionary pressure the peculiar aspergery/dedicated/creative combination needed to flourish in complex regulatory environments will further encourage complexity in that area. The complexity handlers will be vastly well rewarded, the rest will get little. A priestly caste will emerge, albeit one which is not hugely difficult to join if you have the right mindset. 

But since this is a positive feedback situation the only brake on complexity increasing will come from outside. A Gordian knot solution (Alexander didn't bother to try an unravel the impossible knot, he cut it). In this case someone with a gun takes over the land and resources of the complexity masters.

Or is there another ending?

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