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patience and intuition

Patience is a virtue- how many times have you heard that and dismissed it? Old school, not relevant in this fast paced world. Things DEMAND to be done NOW don' t they?

Maybe not.

A virtue is a self-training tool that has been observed and eventually shorn of its connection to higher understanding. It has some 'worldly' value- patient people are generally happier and more contented than those in a constant and demanding hurry- but not always. Patience, like any other virtue, has been 'seen through' in these challenging times. The problem with this cleverness is that masks the bridge that patience provides.

Patience is how you learn to be intuitive about timing, about the right time to act. 

You can hone your intuition about WHAT to do as much as you like, but if you miss out WHEN, then you are like someone running past bus stops and hoping a bus will just turn up as you approach (which does sometimes happen of course- just not very often).

By practising patience you learn the texture of time, you get a feel for the moment to act by learning how to bide your time. To learn this you need to allow a patient approach into every area of your life. Look at how you do things and ask- am I simply being a bit impatient here?



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